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Just wanted to say a big thanks to Derek for a fantastic afternoon and a great drive! I'll be back again for an afternoon or full day session in the future. Highly recommend this company. Very professional, fun and provide a great experience! Thanks again for a memorable afternoon!!! :) Ian

I would recommend this event to everyone whether you are a car enthusiast or just looking for a great experience behind the wheel of the worlds greatest supercars. The staff were excellent and made every aspect of the adventure exciting, safe and challenging whist maintaining an easy going and motivational perspective. A seriously well done event. Thank You Alastair

We had a great day! The cars were absolutely amazing and the scenery too. We would recommend this drive to anybody. Thank you again

This whole driving experience was according to Justin was such a rush! It was FANTASTIC!! He wants to go back and do again. Next time I get to drive as well! We are thinking of doing a 3hr trip next time just to get an even better thrill!! It was so awesome!! I just cannot express in words how fantastic the trip was! If anyone ever thinks of doing something like this I highly recommend go.

“The Raging Bull”

Lamborghini Logo

As Ferrari’s fiercest rival for the exotic supercar crown, Lamborghini, as a supercar manufacturer was born out of spite. Lamborghini started out life as a manufacturer of tractors and continue in this line to this day, as well as the supercars. The story goes that when Feruccio Lamborghini was having problems with the clutch in his Ferrari 250GT he went to see Enzo Ferrari who, in his typical dismissive style, had no time for this tractor manufacturer. So Mr Lamborghini decided to build his own supercar, with the intention of creating something more comfortable and more reliable. You judge for yourself what the result is when you compare our stunning black Gallardo to the Ferrari 360 Modena.

The Gallardo (say it; Gay-yardo, and roll your ‘r’ if you can) continues Lamborghini’s tradition by being named after a breed of fighting bull and slots in under the Murcielago as Lamborghini’s ‘entry level’ supercar. For a base model, this car sure has a lot going for it – check out the specs;
Lamborghini Side Profile

  • 4-wheel drive
  • 5-litre V10
  • 373Kw, or 500bhp @ 7800RPM!
  • 101bhp per litre
  • 510nm / 376lb ft of torque
  • 340bhp per tonne

These numbers allow our raging bull to crush the 0-100km/h sprint in just 4.1 seconds on the way to a highly illegal 309km/h (192mp/h).

This is the car to be seen and heard in, this is the car everyone wants to take pictures of, this is the car that lets you know you are alive and shows you what the rock-star lifestyle is all about.

This is the dream – it’s yours to live!

See The Raging Bull in action here:

Here’s a 5th Gear review of the Lamborghini Gallardo vs a Ducatti motorbike

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Couples Package
We offer a couples package by special request. Includes 1/2 day drive and meal or spa experience. check out the details Contact us at